If you have a vision for an app, we have the tools to turn that vision into a reality. With the experience that we have gathered as leading Mobile App Design & Development Agency from working on different projects, we understand that every app is different and deserves special and distinct attention. We are the top-notch Mobile App Development Company based in Hyderabad (India) & Switzerland. Our team has worked with startups and enterprises to give shape to their ideas and provide in-depth market analysis to help them move forward, and it is now time for our team of app experts to come to your aid.

Our Process


Many digital projects fail due to an agency’s lack of understanding around business model and value proposition. As a consultancy we stand out, helping our partners to mitigate risk by placing focus on their business and customers over technology.

Research & Insight

Our teams at VixSpace work with you to understand your business, customers and challenges before delivering our findings and suggestions.

Product Strategy

We work with you to define expectations and a roadmap, ensuring your product is more than just a set of features and adds real value to your users.

Design Sprint

A five-phase exercise which identifies the best solutions to a business challenge, allowing us to develop, test and learn from a prototype quickly.

Innovation Lab

We help you test and understand how your business can embrace emerging technologies to solve your current and future challenges.

Experience & Interaction

We work with you to design great digital experiences, drawing from thousands of hours of interaction design experience. Our teams of UX/UI designer never leave any stone unturned to bring out the best design for you.


Our team work fast with rapid prototyping processes that get you from zero to concept in days, enabling a test and learn mentality and delivering tangible results in record time.

Visual & Brand Design

We’ve worked with everyone from upstart brands to established players to develop their visual brand to help them make a statement in their industry.

Service Design

By placing users at the core of our approach, we help you to launch new products and services that meet the needs and desires of your users.


World-class design has always been one of the foundational principles at VixSpace. Our award-winning design team have decades of experience working with some of the biggest global businesses and challenger brands, so you can be sure they’ll bring fresh thinking to your project.


At VixSpace, we are continually growing our build capacity to ensure the best experience for our customers. Our team has grown exponentially in recent years to ensure we can maintain the quality of our development, and subsequently the solutions of our partners.

Mobile Apps

With a team of over 30 developers, we’re accomplished in the development of iOS, Android and Xamarin apps. Our talent in mobile development is evident, with our work known as some of the world’s best.

Web Apps

Our frontend developers dedicate themselves to HTML, CSS and React & Angular JavaScript frameworks. The team deliver stunning, fully responsive websites that help you outshine your competition.


Our immersive reality division is growing rapidly and has quickly proven itself as a leader in the creation of augmented, mixed and virtual reality solutions for innovative and established businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

Skilled in deep learning, machine learning and voice-activated solutions, our dedicated AI team are well-equipped to help companies to work smarter and provide tailored experiences to their customers.

End-to-End Support

We help our customers with everything from launch to upkeep, assisting in app store optimization, hosting, maintenance and more, making launch a stress-free experience.


Our build, test and release process is streamlined via continuous integration and continuous delivery. Our continuous integration pipeline includes the checks that guarantee quality and stability, while an Infrastructure-as-Code approach enables scalability.

Actionable Analytics

With a range of analytic packages available, we have the reporting tools to suit all needs, help you to understand the data and use it to inform actions that drive product engagement.


Our strategic partnerships see us work with customers over the long-term to help our partners scale and develop their product, as well as identifying how tech can solve other problems your company faces.


It’s not our style to build a digital product and then walk away. To be truly successful, it needs to fit your business objectives and smoothly integrate with what you’ve already got.

Industries We Serve

B2B Products


Govt & Defence

e-Learning & LMS


Hotel & Restaurant

Social Networks

Fantasy Gaming


Media & Publishing

Logistics & Delivery


Build It Right the First Time

Let us know what you want

Tell us what type of app you want? Is it an Android App, iOS or both? Share a few more details about the idea and have a conversation with our expert designers and developers.

Select the functionalities

If you are clear about your idea and the features you want there is nothing which we can’t do. Share all the requirements and features that make your Mobile Application outstanding, we will integrate all features and modules and make your product stand alone.

Industry-best pricing and timeframe

For us, the timeframe is quite important. Once we have taken all the requirements about the project, our representatives will get in touch with you with the proposal and SOW. It provides all the information related to the budgeting and timeline. Making this clear and easier for you to understand.

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